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Booking Your Trial ✨ 

So you found your beauty team for your wedding, woot woot! Before you fully check that box off, make sure that artist's style of work aligns with your vision.

If you're slightly hesitant about booking them:

Read reviews, talk to past clients, stalk their socials! If they aren't the best at posting (guilty 😅), reach out and ask them for photos or set up an appointment. This appointment doesn't need to be your wedding trial, maybe it's just a blowout or makeup for date night. You can think of it as a consultation, you get to meet the artist and preview some of their work firsthand. Then you can book your real trial closer to you wedding, when you may have a better vision for hair/makeup.  


If you're 100% ready to book/already booked them:

Yay! No better feeling than crossing off a vendor from the "need to book" list. On average our clients book their trials 4 months before their wedding. Read the following tips so you can decide when you should book your trial.

  • Book your trial max 6 months before your wedding. Booking your trial too early could result in wanting a second trial. Sometimes trends change, and it could change your mind about your beauty happens! With that do you!! If you want to book your trial a year before, let's do it! 

  • Doing your trial on dress shopping day may sound like a good idea. However, waiting until you have your dress is even better. This way you'll have a better idea if you want you hair up or down.

  • If you can book your trial on a day you have other plans (engagement shoot, shower, attending a wedding or even dinner with friends) thats always great! This way you can see how it holds up/photographs/get other's opinions (if you want that lol)

  • Sometimes more is not the merrier at a trial. It could be overwhelming, and this is the fun part!! If you plan on bringing someone to your trial, be mindful of their personal tastes compared to yours.

  • If you're thinking of getting lash extensions/lift, spray tan, extensions, etc., Maybe have them done for your trial too. This way you can really get a feel for the full look. Not mandatory, so if you don't have time or it's not in the budget, don't sweat it!

When you have a few dates in mind, reach out to your artist and get your trial booked. Even if looking to book 4 months from now. Better to get it in their calendar sooner rather than later. Be sure to share the following:

  • Photos of you/your hair currently

  • Wedding outfit(s)

  • Hair inspiration

  • Makeup inspiration

  • Hair accessories/veil

Not the bride?

Maybe you're not the one getting married that day, but you're nervous about how you're going to look (thanks to horror stories from your friends/seen online). Yes, we're looking at you, mom! 👀 Don't sweat it - it's completely normal! We do trials for moms and bridesmaids all the time! We want you to rock that look with confidence on the big day. If you know you're particular, we highly recommend booking a trial. Especially if the same person has been doing your hair for 15 years. This will avoid any last-minute stress, wasted time, or even pretending to like your hair or makeup. Your comfort and confidence matter too!

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