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When Should I Book My Trial?

Updated: Jun 13

So found your beauty team for your wedding, woot woot! Before you fully check that box off, it's always best to book a trial. This way you can see firsthand if you like that artist's work. Photos can be deceiving sometimes. Make sure you find an artist that works in the style you like. For example, if you want a natural look and they post photos of their clients with full glam, or vise versa, they maybe not be the best match for you. This is why trials are key ✨

Best time to book your trial:

  • When you found what you'll be wearing on your wedding day

  • Around 6 months before your wedding *Unless you're doing an engagement shoot that is earlier than 6 months

  • You can also try booking your trial on a day you have something else planned, bridal shower, birthday, attending a wedding, date night, etc. This way you can get more use out of your trial and see how it wears & photographs

  • Whenever works best for you!

When Booking your Trial, It's Best to Share the Following:
  • Photos of you/your hair currently

  • Wedding outfit(s)

  • Hair inspiration

  • Makeup inspiration

  • Hair accessories/veil


Hair trial by Nicole Palladini, Client wasn't sure of the style she wanted, so we tried two different looks

Hair and makeup trial by Nicole Palladini - This client did her trial on the day of her engagement shoot, click below to see photos


If you're booking your trial with Nicole, please read below:

I'm a freelance artist based on Long Island. I don't have a studio I work out of. I either travel to my clients, my clients come to my apartment in Commack, NY, or I can rent a space for our trial. There may be travel/rental fees, depending on the location.
I recommend booking your trial no earlier than 6 months before your wedding. I find that booking your trial too early could result in wanting a second trial. Sometimes trends change and it could change your mind about your beauty happens!
With that do you!! If you want to book your trial a year before, I won't stop you.

November-March - You can book trials any day of the week
April-October - Weekdays are preferred, I can see if I can squeeze you in on a weekend but it may be tough.

Hair and makeup trials are booked for 3hrs, or 90mins each. This gives us enough time to chat and try out different looks if necessary. If you're planning on wearing extensions, hair accessories, veil, etc. I recommend having them for the day of the trial.

Hope this helps!

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