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The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Timeline

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

You're engaged! AHHH!!! Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially without a wedding planner. To make things a bit easier for you we created this timeline. This will help you stay on top of most of your beauty needs. We recommend reading over the whole timeline first, then taking it section by section so you don't get too overwhelmed.

There's a downloadable version. So you can keep it organized with all your wedding things, and even share it with your I Do Crew.

Of course, everything on this list is a suggestion. You may not need some of these services. So don't go crazy over budget trying to complete this list. Also, depending on your hair, your final cuts/color may differ from whats on this list; check with your hairstylist for their opinion.

Bonus points for you + your partner finishing this list together. We want everyone glowing come wedding day!👏👏

Happy Planning!!✨

Feel free to download a copy of this list (it's a much cuter version then what you'll see below...just saying)

The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Timeline
Download PDF • 686KB


7+ Months Before

☐ Book your photographer. I would recommend doing this as soon as you pick your date. Photographers tend to book up fast.

☐ Find your glam squad. Do your research, look at their wedding portfolio, read reviews, maybe set up a call with some beauty vendors.

☐ Book your trials before your vendors book up. Keep in mind many beauty vendors don't book trials on weekends, due to working weddings. Check with your vendors and see when they book their trials. If possible, try to book your trial for a day you have plans (ex: bridal shower, engagement photos, another wedding, date night, etc)

☐ Find a diet and exercise plan that works for you

☐ Pay attention to your skin + book an appointment with a dermatologist

☐ Start laser hair treatments. If this is something you’re interested in remember you have to wait 6 weeks between appointments

4-6 Months Before

☐ Get a haircut

☐ If you're thinking about getting lash extensions/lift or brow lamination/microblading for the big day, this would be a good time to try them out. Maybe get them done before your makeup trial. You'll get a good idea of how they'll look, and you can get a professional opinion.

☐ Fine tune your skincare routine. Do some research to see what products your skin needs.

-Remember, there's not always a need for a 10 step skincare routine.

-Don’t forget to use a chemical exfoliant 3-4 times a week, twice a week if you have sensitive skin. A physical exfoliant (or scrub) can be very abrasive on your skin, especially your face. Avoid scrubs + facial cleansing brushes if you have acne.

-Moisturize + apply sunscreen to your skin everyday (face and body) Tip: moisturize your body after you get out of the shower while you skin is still a bit damp (not wet).

1-3 Months Before

☐ Get a facial. If you're booking a facial closer to one month before, stick to something less aggressive. Meaning no crazy peels, especially if this is your first time getting a peel.

☐ Get teeth whitened or start using an at home whitening system

☐ Get a mani/pedi. Test out the colors you're thinking of wearing on your wedding day.

☐ Remember to eat right and exercise! Try adding more fresh fruits and veggies to your diet...your skin and gut will thank you!

☐ Looking to get a spray tan for your wedding? Now's the time to do a trial run

☐ For people with facial hair, try out a professional shave to see how you like it. It may be nice to get one before the wedding!

2 Weeks Before

☐ If your hair is at your shoulders or below, now is a good time to get your final haircut/color. We recommend just sticking to a trim and your usual color. If you feel like your hair is great the way it is skip this step.

☐ Avoid sugary drinks. Stick to water; infuse the water to add some flavor. We want to keep that skin clear and glowing!

☐ Avoid those salty/sugary snacks and alcohol, let your body depuff!

1 Week Before

☐ Splurge on a couples massage! You both could use a little relaxation, after all that wedding planning!

☐ Pack a wedding day kit (or ask your MOH!). Don’t forget Advil, deodorant, mints, Band-Aids etc. Check with your makeup artist/hairstylist and see if they supply you with any touch up kits.

☐ Get a gentle facial that will help your skin glow (Or stick with an at home mask, nothing wrong with beauty on a budget!). If you’re not sure what type of facial to get, ask a dermatologist/esthetician and be sure to let them know that your wedding is this week!

☐ If your hair is above your shoulders, now is the time to get that final cut. *If you plan to use clippers during your haircut, don't get your final haircut the day before (or the morning of) your wedding. If you go from, let's say a 5 to a 2, you might have a tan line from where your hair used to lay, and trust us..that will not look good in photos.

3 Days before

☐ Get your final mani pedi! Bring your fiancé along so both your hands will look great in those ring pictures. *Be sure to do this before your spray tan.*

☐ Get your final wax *Be sure to do this before your spray tan.*

☐ Deep condition your hair, only if your hair needs it. Not sure? Ask your hairstylist.

☐ Get a spray tan (don’t forget to exfoliate and shave before!)

1 Day Before

☐ If you skipped the spray tan, exfoliate & moisturize to help your skin glow

☐ Get a professional blow out. Maybe even get a few of people from your bridal party to join. This way everyone’s hair is prepped for tomorrow. *Be sure that your stylist doesn't use a flat iron or too much product on your hair.* Check out our Beauty Service Prep post.

☐ Rest & relax as much as you can. After all you have a big day ahead of you!

☐ This one may be tough, but if possible avoid drinking and crying (if you can!) the night before. This will help you avoid waking up with puffy eyes.

☐ If you didn't get your hair professionally blown out, set aside time to shampoo your hair. Be sure to really scrub, try shampooing twice, and condition from mid-length to ends.

Day of Wedding!!

☐ Remember to eat a big breakfast, this may be the only chance you really get to eat before dinner (if you remember to take a break from celebrating that is!). Maybe pack a snack or two in your wedding day kit. It will help keep you energized for the long day ahead.

☐ Make sure your hair is prepped according to your stylist, and your skin is clean of all makeup, including lashes/lash glue(this will make your makeup application go quicker)

☐ Apply your wedding day perfume & body lotion

☐ Drink a mimosa

☐ Enjoy YOUR day!

Congratulations to you both!

Feel like we missed something? Let us know!

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