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How should I prep for my beauty appointment?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Do you ever wonder how you should arrive to your hair/makeup appointments? Well, we're here to help! In this post, we talk about how we at Palla Beauty like our clients to arrive to their appointments. Please remember every makeup artist/hairstylist works differently, so double check and see what they personally recommend for you.


What to bring

Bring along some photos of yourself, some where you love the way your hair/makeup looks (and even some you don't love). Also, find some inspiration photos of the look you're trying to achieve. Try your best to find photos that are similar to what you look like (ex: hair color/length, complexion, eye shape). Please remember, if you bring in a photo of a look you love, your service will be a recreation of another artist’s work. Your look may not come out exactly the same, your artist will create a personalized look based on the inspiration you provide.



Leading up to your appointment

Try your best to keep up with your skincare routine. Don't skip those exfoliating nights, we want that ski to glow! Depending on your skin, use a chemical exfoliant 3-4 times a week, 2 times a week if your skin is sensitive. Do your best to avoid physical exfoliators, also known as scrubs.

Day of your appointment

Arriving to your makeup appointment with clean, makeup free skin is KEY. Don’t worry about applying skin care, your makeup artist will apply all skincare and makeup.

If you have products that you love and would like to use during your appointment, feel free to bring them. There is no guarantee that your products will be used. Why you ask? Your foundation might not actually match your skin tone, and we might have a better match for you. Or your skin care might not work with our foundations (which could cause blotchy makeup). If you prefer to apply your own skin care, let your artist know which products you use before hand.

What to bring

The one product that you should bring is a lip product. If you don’t have one or forget you bring one we can supply you with a sample.



Leading up to your appointment

Keep up with your hair appointments. If your ends are dry/frayed, think about scheduling a haircut. You don't need to get a huge chop, but a trim to make those ends healthy will make your hair style look better. Also, try to clarify and do a mask a week or so before your appointment.

The night before your appointment

We always get asked, "Should I wash my hair or is dirty hair better?". Dirty hair is not better, I repeat dirty hair is not better. We recommend shampooing the evening before your appointment. If you don't have time the night before, the morning of also works, just be sure your hair is dry before your appointment. Be sure to shampoo twice, really scrub, and condition ponytail down (mid-lenghts to ends).

If have natural hair/curly hair, and the look you're going for requires you hair to be smoothed out, please blow dry your hair the day before your appointment. If you aren't sure if your hair needs to be blown out, contact your hair stylist.

Day of your appointment

Full up + Half Up styles: Please don't arrive with dirty or wet hair, clean and dry is best. Also, please DO NOT flat iron your hair, this could prevent your hair from holding a curl.

Blow dry: Please arrive to your appointment with wet/damp hair. We are aware that depending on the situation, your hair might dry before it is your turn to get your hair styled. In this case, we will re-wet your hair.

What to bring

If you're planning on using any extensions, please have them washed, dried and detangled before your appointment.


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